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Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from katie: normal girl

Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Today we master the art of not killing our plants! I’m partnering with Ashley HomeStore to show you how to care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Now these trees definitely…

Garden Project: Plant a Mint Bowl | The Normal Girl Show

Gardening Quickie: Plant a Mint Bowl

Become a gardening genius (or just play one on tv) with this quick and easy project – no green thumb required! PROJECT TIME: 30 min.* PROJECT LEVEL: easy SUPPLIES: large terra cotta…

How to Clean and Sterilize Pots with Katie Normal Girl

How to Sterilize Clay and Terra Cotta Pots

I’ve always loved the look of mold and calcium buildup on my terra cotta pots. Unfortunately that wonderful patina can mean unsanitary growing conditions for your potted plants. Give your…