Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Today we master the art of not killing our plants! I’m partnering with Ashley HomeStore to show you how to care for a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. Now these trees definitely fall into the easy-care category but the key to easy-care is to find a spot where your tree is happy and get into a regular watering routine.

Repotting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree loosening the soil from katie normal girl


  1. If you’ve decided to repot your tree, choose a pot that’s about 2-3 inches wider than the pot it’s currently in.
  2. Fiddle Leaf Fig trees like soil that drains well and to help with that process, add a 1-inch layer of small pebbles to the bottom of the pot. 
  3. Then add enough soil to get your tree raised to its final planting height.
  4. Carefully remove the tree from its current pot and unwrap the roots if they’ve started circling. Then loosen up the soil so the roots can spread out in their new home. 
  5. While you have the tree out, use clippers to trim off any dead or damaged leaves. Then place the tree into the pot and begin to add soil around the sides, gently packing it down to remove air pockets. As you’re adding soil, don’t fill past the top of the tree’s current soil level and don’t fill to the top of the pot or you’ll make a mess when you water your tree. 

And now you’re ready to find the perfect location for your new tree!

Location, Location, Location

Caring for a fiddle leaf fig tree finding a location from katie normal girl

I suggest staking out a location before buying your plant to make sure you can accommodate its needs.

  1. You’ll need a spot where your tree will get plenty of bright sunlight but not direct sunlight. So, near a window but not in front of it.
  2. And you’ll want to make sure your tree won’t be in the path of a fan, an air conditioner, or a heating vent.
  3. And be sure it isn’t too close to an exterior wall that will get cold in the winter. Fig trees don’t care for temps below 60 degrees fahrenheit.

Watering on the Regular

Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree watering regularly from katie normal girl

I keep all of my indoor gardening supplies loaded up on this adorable cart that I got from Ashley HomeStore. I picked it because it’s more compact than some other carts I’ve seen. I love that I can remove these boxes and wipe them out if I need to, and it’s on wheels so I can scoot it around the house easily. Indoor gardening cart from katie normal girl

It’s got that ideal blend of stylish and functional so I feel like I can leave it out all the time. So let’s talk about what I’ve got here. First and foremost, a watering can.

  1. You can expect your Fiddle Leaf Fig to need water at least once a week.
  2. When getting to know your tree, water enough to create a pool on top of the soil. Wait a minute to see if water starts to trickle out of the bottom of the pot. If it does, you’re done and you know how much water to use for next time.
  3. If it doesn’t flow out, add a little more water until it does. If it overflows, empty the excess and start with less water next time. 
  4. Set a schedule for yourself so you get into the routine of watering your tree regularly. I actually set an alarm on my phone to remind myself each week.

Thrive, Little Tree!

Caring for a fiddle leaf fig tree adding compost from katie normal girl

Now, there are a few things you can do to keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig thriving, starting with wiping the leaves. I’ve got a clean, soft cloth that I keep in my cart and twice a month I dampen it and use it to wipe dust off the top of the leaves of my tree. This helps to keep the plant’s respiration and photosynthesis at their peak! The moisture on the cloth mimics the humidity this tree would have its natural growing environment in the tropics.

Now as part of my regular maintenance routine, instead of plant food, I’ll add a little compost to the soil once a month. This will provide a natural and rich source of nutrients for your tree and small bags can be purchased online if you don’t have easy access to a compost pile.

The final thing I do every month is rotate my plant to keep it growing strong and tall on all sides. A plant caddy makes this process easy. 

And that’s all there is to it! Your Fiddle Leaf Fig will be very happy for years to come.

Thank you to Ashley HomeStore for partnering with me on this video, be sure to follow their YouTube channel and The Normal Girl Show. If you’re looking for ideas on a design style that compliments the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, check out my last video where we talk about hygge and send pics of your fiddle leaf fig trees, I want to see! All of my socials are @katienormalgirl.

See you soon!

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