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Natural Cleaning Washing Ceramic and Enamel Pots and Pans on The Normal Girl Show

Natural Cleaning: Washing Ceramic and Enamel Pots and Pans

Today I’ll show you how to clean your ceramic, porcelain or enamel pots and pans – without harsh chemicals and without ruining them in the process! PROJECT TIME: 15 min. PROJECT LEVEL:…

Washing Fruits and Vegetables to Avoid Food Poisoning from The Normal Girl Show

Life Skill: Washing Fruits and Veggies to Avoid Food Poisoning

Today we’re washing fruits and veggies. So, why bother? Well, there’s a couple of reasons… Most produce is grown outside and in soil so inevitably there will be soil particles and…

Crafting Tea from Katie Normal Girl

Crafting Tea: Herb, Fruit and Flower Iced Teas

This class is for anyone who loves the idea of creating a unique beverage for outdoor parties or just something to sip on while reading a book on your porch. You’ll learn about…